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Can I use your Soap? | Handmade Soap and Skin Allergies

One of the primary benefits of handmade soap is controlling each ingredient included while formulating the soap. I recently had a customer reach out to see if I could make a bar that avoided specific Nut allergens. We created a bar that avoided known allergies and provided a luxury soap that delivered a creamy, silky lather in the fragrance they desired.......
NICU Catherine Jakeman and Fiona Mahaffey sitting skin to skin Celtic Clan Soapery Behind the Suds Blog Post

Celtic Clan Soapery ~ Beyond the Suds ~ Fiona's Fight The Unexpected Arrival | Our NICU Challenges

It is not often that you encounter this much tenacity, grit, and humor in such a small package. But that is what you get with our little warrior Fiona. In fact, from her earliest days in the NICU, all the nurses commented on how alert she was. It was as though she was watching every conversation and taking it all in......
Celtic Clan Soapery Family of 9 sitting on a yard swing. Mother and Father in sunglasses surrounded by 7 children. Photo is in black and white.

Celtic Clan Soapery~Beyond the Suds~ Finding Family Time

Finding time for family and fun is always challenging. Life seems to demand full-time everything. So how do you find a balance between work, hobbies, kids, friends, and a side hustle? Well, for our family, that meant incorporating the kids into all those aspects of our lives. When you have a large family and a blended family, time seems to slip away. Keeping the focus on our children for all our choices and how we spend our time has to be first...... 
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Celtic Clan Soapery- Beyond the Suds- Where it all began.

Our Story- I began formulating soap and skin care products nearly twenty years ago when I was a Massage Therapy student. During the past year as the world faced a pandemic, The Mahaffey clan began looking for new inside adventures. With a house full of children, ( all of whom were suddenly homeschooling ) science and art became part of our daily lives. In addition, the children were looking for ways to raise money to help Skip, our blind dog, receive eye surgery. So in true 2020 fashion, we began crafting soap to sell to family and friends; thus, Celtic Clan Soapery was formed........