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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is natural handmade soap?

Natural soap is made up of oils (liquid and/or hard) and alkali (lye) to combine in a process called saponification. 

Handmade refers to the fact that all of our batches are small and made by hand not in a large scale manufacturing line. 

Isn't body wash I get at the store Soap?

Likely, no. (if you are buying a liquid wash) Most body-washes or beauty bars are actually made of synthetic detergents. Some hard bars are detergents also. Only  soap (oils and basic agent) is soap.

Is Soap better for my skin? 

This answer is not the same for everyone. Although, with our small batch hand made soap we are able to control each oil, butter, and additive that are included. Some people can still have sensitive to certain oils, butters or additives. However, many people find natural soap to be just the thing they were looking for!